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Trail Report

Please click here for your Weekly Trail Report for the weekend of July 9th.

Basic Trail Reminders:

  • Pick up after your dog! As the weather gets warmer, we love getting out for the fresh spring air and so do our dogs. Please remember to grab a bag or two at the trailhead. Just as important, make sure those bags make it back to a trash can and are not left on the trail!
  • Respect wildlife! Wildlife loves the spring time as well and it is an important season for them. Please do not disturb any wildlife and prevent your dogs from chasing wildlife, including all birds, deer, and elk.

Bears & Wildlife

Recreating with Wildlife

Tips for recreating in the Big Sky area:

  • Don’t hike alone. Recreating in groups reduces the chances of adverse wildlife encounters. Groups of two or more will make wildlife think twice before approaching you.
  • Do not feed wildlife!
  • Carry bear spray such that it is easily accessible. Know how to use it. It is effective on most wildlife found in the area, including moose!
  • Let someone know where you are going.
  • Make noise. Talking and making noise will alert wildlife of your approaching presence, especially in forests and hilly terrain.
    Be aware of your surroundings. Avoid recreating while wearing headphones so that you can hear what is going on around you, including warnings from wildlife you do not yet see.
  • Pack it in pack it out! Litter, especially food and drink waste, is an attractant for animals and can cause issues for those who come after you.
  • Be aware wildlife! Wildlife lives were we like to recreate. Please do not disturb any wildlife and prevent your dogs from chasing wildlife, including all birds, squirrels, deer, elk etc. Be considerate of their needs and please give them plenty of space. Carry bear spray in case you have an encounter. It works not only on bears, but almost all wildlife found in the area.
  • Read all signs at the trailheads. Up to date information on any wildlife in the area is posted at the trailhead. Additional trail specific/species specific information for the area is often included in the signs at the trailhead.

For more information on recreating and what to do for specific animals, check out Visit Big Sky Website

Trail Etiquette

We are all friends of trails, so let’s try to all be friends while on the trails.

The Big Sky Community Organization manages 19 miles of trails that are all multi-use and multi-directional. While most of us would love to trails completely to ourselves, we will come across other trail users while out on the trail and we will need to practice good trail etiquette. Above all else, remember to “Be Nice, Say Hi” to all other trail users.


  • Stay on the trails

  • Be courteous to other trail users

  • Be respectful of wildlife

  • Respect private property

  • Stay right, except when passing

  • Keep the trail litter free

  • Watch for changing trail conditions

  • Avoid using the trail wet conditions

  • Report trail maintenance needs

  • Volunteer your time

  • Pick up dog waste left by others

  • Open to all non-motorized users

Dog Owners:

  • Pick up after your dog

  • Leash dogs where required

  • Keep dogs in sight & under voice control at all times if not on leash

  • Do not allow dogs to chase or harass wildlife


  • Control your speed and be ready to stop if necessary

  • Stay to the right and pass on the left when trails allow

  • Yield to all other trail users

  • Stop and let hikers pass regardless of whether you are going uphill or downhill. This a great chance to be nice and say hi. If a hiker steps off the trail to allow you to pass, slow down and thank them!

  • When you encounter an equestrian, stop and dismount you bike on the downhill side of the trail. Make sure to say hi to the riders and keep chatting with them as they pass. This helps the horses identify you as a human and helps the horse remain at ease.


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Printed Big Sky Trail Map

The Big Sky Community Organization trail map and guide includes information and directions to parks, trails, recreation, and fishing in Big Sky. Purchase a map at the following locations:

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