Trail Projects

Current Projects

Ralph’s Pass
Ralph’s Pass is a natural surface multi-use trail approximately 2.7 miles in length which will serve as an important connector between the Hummocks and Uplands Trails and Ousel Falls Trail. A connecting spur will also route bikers to the Yellow Mule Trailhead. A significant portion of the trail easements fall within dedicated subdivision open space and through areas of natural beauty ranging from steep and heavily forested mountains to open grassy meadows. The trail will enable users to enjoy views of several Big Sky peaks including Lone Peak and Pioneer Mountain. Trail construction was completed in the fall 2016. The trail will be open to the public June 15, 2017.

Pedestrian Trail & Tunnel
BSCO is in the engineering phase of a project that will create safe pedestrian access across Highway 64 to the Big Sky Community Park. The project includes a pedestrian underpass at the intersection of Lone Mountain Trail (HWY 64) and Little Coyote Road, a paved trail along Little Coyote Road, and a pedestrian bridge across the Middle Fork of the South Fork of the Gallatin River. The project is part of the organization’s pedestrian safety and connectivity goal in the Big Sky Trails Master Plan. BSCO is seeking grant funding in coordination with the Big Sky Meadow Trails, Recreation, and Parks Special District. Construction is anticipated for the summer of 2018.

Traffic Signal
Pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular safety will improve in the Big Sky Meadow area with the installation of a traffic control signal at the intersection of Lone Mountain Trail (HWY 64) and Ousel Falls Road. Montana Department of Transportation (MDT), has determined that the intersection has met warrant criterial for the installation of a traffic control signal. Although HWY 64 is a state highway, the community recognized the need to install the signal ahead of when MDT may have done so due to safety concerns. The project is being funded in collaboration with local developers (50%) and the Big Sky Area Resort Tax District (50%). The electrical infrastructure and pole foundations will be installed spring of 2017 and the traffic control devices will be installed shortly thereafter. BSCO’s role in the project is focused on connecting the recreational opportunities of parks and trails, to neighborhoods, businesses and essential services that are located on both the north and south side of HWY 64.

Mountain to Meadow Trail
BSCO is evaluating the potential to develop a public trail that would connect the existing Mountain to Meadow Trail (beginning at the Mountain Village of Big Sky Resort) to Big Sky Town Center. This trail connection is a an essential link in a much larger network that would provide linkages between existing trail systems, parks, neighborhoods, business centers, cultural, historical and recreation areas.

Trail Counters
BSCO is installing new trail and vehicle counters to help us better understand and manage our parks and trails. The data will be used when planning future park and trail projects and while applying for grant and funding opportunities. To learn more about TRAFx vehicle and trail counters click here.

Completed Projects

Hummock’s & Uplands Trails
BSCO completed construction of the Hummocks and Uplands Trails and Trailhead, in August 2014. The two natural surface trails added 5 miles of moderate terrain easily accessible from Big Sky Town Center and several residential neighborhoods. Funding for the project was granted from Big Sky Area Resort Tax District and the Recreational Trails Program.

Trail Signage & Wayfinding
A trail signage replacement and wayfinding project was completed during summer 2015 to improve awareness of the BSCO’s trail system and enhance legibility for the public. The updated signage creates an identity that is recognizable and memorable and helps trail users navigate the community trail network. Funding for the project, which includes 64 total signs, was granted from Big Sky Area Resort Tax District and the Robert and Dana Smith Charitable Fund.

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