Trail Report & Map

Trail Report

March 21, 2018
As we head into the new season, our trails here in Big Sky are beginning to melt out, although very slowly. Yak Tracks or some other footwear traction device, like snowshoes or a trekking poles, are helpful to have. And remember, wet and muddy trails are easily damaged, so be careful with your boots and bikes.

The National Park Service has reported some Grizzly Bear activity, so be aware that bears might be out of their dens and roaming the trails.

Black Diamond Trail: Packed Snow, with patches of ice and some areas free of snow.
Little Willow Trail: Packed Snow. Usually not very slippery.
Crail Ranch Trail: Packed Snow. Trail can be narrow at times.
South Fork Loop: Packed Snow. Great for cross country skiing.
Uplands: Packed Snow for most of the way. The top of the trail can be covered with windblown snow.
Hummocks: Packed Snow. Trail is not very slippery and is great for walking.
Town Center to Ousel Falls: After being machine packed all winter, this trail is typically walkable, but can be too soft as it sees a lot of sunshine.
Ousel Falls Trail: This trail sees a lot of foot traffic and can be very slippery. Traction devices recommended.
Ralphs Pass: This trail is closed for the winter. Reopens June 15.

Big Sky Trail Map

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BSCO Trail Map

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