Trail Report & Map

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Trail Report

Trail report for the weekend of June 1st, 2019

Wow! A little sunshine and some warmer temp worked wonders for us. The lower elevation trails, including Hummocks and Uplands are totally dry and perfect for a hike or bike. It looks like the weather will hold with some warmer temps with some precipitation forecast for the weekend. If we get a good rain, give the trails a few hours to soak it in before heading out.

Saturday is National Trails Day and BSCO will be hosting a trail maintenance event at the Community Park, starting at 9am and concluding with a BBQ at noon. Come and give a few hours of your time back to the trails that we all enjoy. A little sweat equity now will make some great trails for the remainder of the summer!

  • Let’s keep our beloved single-track single! Please stay on the trail, even if it is muddy. Please do not walk on the grass that is exposed next to it. Walking/riding on the exposed grass will widen the trail, damage the emerging vegetation and create erosion issues in the future.
  • If you leave a track (footprint, hoofprint, pawprint or tire track), the trail surface is too wet and soft to be on. Turn around and give it some time to dry out before trying to use it again.
  • Pick up after your dog! As the weather gets warmer, we love getting out for the fresh spring air and so do our dogs. Please remember to grab a bag or two at the trailhead. Just as important, make sure those bags make it back to a trash can and are not left on the trail!
  • Respect wildlife! Wildlife loves the spring time as well and it is an important season for them. Please do not disturb any wildlife and prevent your dogs from chasing wildlife, including all birds, deer, and elk.

Finally, as we all start getting out on the trail, remember the most basic of trail etiquette:

Be Nice and Say Hi!

We are all friends of trails, so let’s try to all be friends while on the trails.

Individual Trail Conditions:

Uplands: Trail is dry and a great escape to see the flowers popping up throughout the meadows. Come out on Saturday for National Trails day and help us remedy some spring damage.

Hummocks: Overall, trail is great! Get out and enjoy. Keep an eye and ear out for the cranes that frequent the area, but please do not let your pets disturb any wildlife.

Ousel Falls Trail: The trail is a great hike right now. Water levels are on the rise and the Falls should be growing by the day. Take a raincoat for all mist coming off the falls, but please don’t get too close as the power of water is immense! Need a longer hike, reports have been coming in that Yellowmule is free of snow for a few miles beyond the falls.

Ousel Falls Road Trail (Town Center to Ousel Falls Trailhead): The trail is dried out and good for walking and biking. Its gravel tread is firm and suitable for use during the rain.

Black Diamond Trail: Clear and dry! Soft trail surfaces may return if it rains hard all weekend, so please use responsibly.

Little Willow Trail: Clear and dry. The trail is a gravel base that is good for walking on this early in the spring. Combine this with Black diamond and/or Crail Trail for a longer hike.

Crail Ranch Trail: Clear and good to go. Come out Saturday and give the trail some love on National Trails day.

South Fork Loop: Trail is dry and good to go. Remember to grab and bag at the trailhead and pick up after your pup.

Ralphs Pass: This trail is closed for the winter season. Trail will re-opens June 15.

Big Sky Trail Map

The Big Sky Community Organization trail map and guide includes information and directions to parks, trails, recreation, and fishing in Big Sky.

Pick up a map at the following locations:

  • Big Sky and Greater Yellowstone Welcome Center
  • Grizzly Outfitters
  • Gallatin Alpine Sports
  • Big Sky Resort
  • Roxy’s Market
  • Lone Mountain Ranch
  • Big Sky Chamber of Commerce
BSCO Trail Map