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Homesteads to Huntley

This short feature film explores early meadow homesteaders and renowned NBC News anchor and Montana native Chet Huntley’s first vision for Big Sky Resort including rare photos and film footage. Visit the link below to view the film.


Historic Crail Ranch has an impressive library of images. Inquire about uses and fees

Independent Film Company Shoots at Crail Ranch
Wednesday, July 8, 2015, Crail Ranch on the Big Screen –  Jennings Barmore of Slingshot Media House productions requested and received permission to use Historic Crail Ranch as a location for a western shoot. A primary purpose of the shoot was to test out a new camera, the CION, from AJA Video Systems which was recently released to the professional film-making  market. Slingshot has made a short video trailer from the shots they took at Crail Ranch in the first minute of  ‘The Reclamation’ on YouTube!