Preservation of the Crail Ranch began in the late 1970s as a grassroots effort of a group of women and men from the rapidly growing Big Sky, Montana resort area. Naming themselves the Gallatin Canyon Historical Society, and affiliating with the larger Gallatin County Historical Society, they met during the early 1980s. Early members included Judy Onslow, Howard Alverson, Bob Donovan, Paula Halverson, Susie Weir, Oralee Alverson, and Nancy Cooke. Through their efforts, the buildings and grounds of this exemplary Montana homestead were added to the National Register of Historic Places.

To continue the work of this early group, the Historic Crail Ranch Conservators were established in 2006 as a committee of the Big Sky Community Organization, an IRS 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation. See our list of Donors below.

The mission of the Historic Crail Ranch Conservators is to develop an awareness and appreciation for the Crail Ranch, to preserve and maintain it as a heritage property, and to promote it as an educational resource of the Big Sky community, Gallatin County, the State of Montana, and the Great American West.


Anne Marie Mistretta

Anne Marie Mistretta, HCRC Chair, has been active with Crail Ranch preservation since 2003. Anne Marie retired from Big Sky’s school district, where as the Superintendent/Principal, she was instrumental in expanding the district to include Lone Peak High School. Anne Marie and husband Jerry raised 4 children, and have 6 grandchildren. Full time Big Sky residents, they volunteer with several local non-profit initiatives.  Anne Marie enjoys fishing and skiing.



Phyllis Breeden

Phyllis Breeden, HCRC Secretary, and her husband, Bill, are original Montanans and Montana State University graduates. Phyllis taught elementary school in Alaska for 37 years, including several years in remote Alaska Native villages. She and Bill always planned to return to Montana, and because they love the outdoors and all it has to offer, Big Sky was the perfect choice.  Phyllis was a Big Sky Resort Mountain Host for 8 years. She served as an executive board member of the Gallatin Canyon Women’s Club for 6 years, and is a volunteer at the Big Sky Community Library.



Jan Bernards

Jan Bernards, HCRC Treasurer, is originally from Minnesota. She, her husband Jim, and children began skiing in Big Sky in 1980. After returning every year, adding summer trips, she and Jim made Big Sky their primary residence in 2004. Jan has served in various capacities with the Gallatin Canyon Women’s Club and has been a member of the All Saints in Big Sky church council. She spends her time skiing (downhill and Nordic), hiking, biking and traveling. “I enjoy working with a dedicated, hard-working group that continues to preserve our local history.”



Linda Meade

Linda Meade has worked for Southwest Airlines as a flight attendant for over 30 years. She and her husband, Jack, have visited Southwest Montana for almost 20 years.  After 3 years of splitting time between St. Louis and Big Sky, they and their pets made Big Sky home in 2013. Linda loves skiing, hiking, fishing, yoga and the great outdoors of Montana. Linda is in charge of the Crail Ranch summer docent program.


Major Donations 2016

Anonymous Foundation Grant (Indiana)
Buck and Helen Knight Foundation
Yellowstone Club Community Foundation
Gallatin Canyon Women’s Club
The Glore Foundation
Humanities Montana
Montana History Foundation
Spanish Peaks Community Foundation

Professional Consultants

Mike Durant Construction
Glenniss Indreland, Imagecrafter
Scott Jacobson of AMP Electric
Alan McLain of Big Sky Landscaping
Jeff Wexall of Innovative Woodworks

Corporate and Business Supporters

Ace Hardware of Big Sky
Big Sky Chamber of Commerce and Visitors’ Center
Big Sky Community Corporation
Big Sky Landscaping
Big Sky Owners Association
Big Sky Fire Department
The Country Market
JP Woolies
Hungry Moose Market
Mike Durant Construction
Olive B’s/Jennie Castle Bibbins
Outlaw Partners
Ramirez Management Services
RedLeaf-Consulting, PLLC
Uncle Dan’s Cookies/Dan Wade

Crail Ranch Active Volunteers 2016

Jan Bernards
Phyllis and Bill Breeden
Jamie Hamm
Gloria Hassman
Cindy Larsen
Al and Jane Lockwood
Trish and John Loomis
Betsy McFadden
Carol McGuire
Linda Meade and Jack Luechtefeld
Anne Marie and Jerry Mistretta
The Ramirez Family
Ann Wilson
Susie Leach
Sarah Peterson
Margaret Leeper
Chelsea Anderson
Kathy Stinchon


Alan AlkireMarily/Shaw
James and Yvonne Bell
Shelly Bermont
James and Jan Bernards
Doug and JoDean Bing
William and Phyllis Breeden
Michael and Sandra Brown
Loren and Jill Bough
Woody Burt
Kevin and Dr. Carol Callahan
Charles and Melanie Callander
Marcus and Patricia Dash
Steve and Stephanie McMahon Dawson
Sandra and Charles Dreisback
Clarence and Helen Gissendanner
Jay Walker
Maude Glore, Glore Fund
Dennis and Mary Grundman
Klaus and Crystl Gump
Rick and Jamie Hamm
Gloria Hassman
Joan Heimsch
Virginia and Gary Hermann
Wayne and Marilyn Hill
Perk and Marilyn Hoecker
Kathryn House
Hungry Moose Market
James and Sodi Jones
James and Cynthia Jorgenson
Dorothea Jude
Robert and Sharon Huntley Kahn
Kenneth and Barbara Kaufman
Ward Kenwood
Kristin Kern
Robert and Patricia Kimmel
Lisa Knorr
Nancy Kurz
Janet Lampe
Darius and Cynthia Larsen
Margaret Leeper
Thomas and Martha Crocker Leonard
Albert and Jane Lockwood
Harry and Norma Longwell
Dale and Kristin Lucas
William and Kim Madison
Al and Kris Malinowski
James and Gina McGregor
John and Carol McGuire
Linda and Jack Luechtefeld Meade
Gerald and Anne Marie Mistretta
Pat and Eli Nathanson
Eleanor Nolan
Rames, Inc. dba Central Insurance Agency
Bill and Jennifer Reed
Sonya K Saunders
Steve and Renae Schumacher
Bob and Terry Scott
Jim and Kathy Scott
Joel and Patty Scrafford
Kevin and Karen Stump
Beth and Randy Van Horn
Dan and Denise Wade
Gail Walma
Dewitt and Jane Ward
Larry and Carol Woodward

JOIN Historic Crail Ranch Conservators

We are actively seeking new members for the Historic Crail Ranch Board of Conservators and general volunteers with an interest in local history.  Whether you wish to work on history projects, pitch in at our summer events, or just help out with a donation, contact us at 406-993-2112 or email to

Donations are tax-deductible and may be sent to:
Historic Crail Ranch
P.O. Box 161315
Big Sky, MT 59716