Take a Tour of Camp Big Sky

The Yurt

Our home is the Yurt at the Big Sky Community Park. It is fully stocked with everything a great summer camp needs. Have a look inside!

The Yurt has lots of sports equipment including soccer balls, basketballs, wiffle balls, hula hoops, a giant parachute, bean bag toss, bicycles & helmets, etc. We have a massive arts & crafts shelf with paper, pencils, markers, crayons, paints, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and a myriad of other supplies. The reading nook has comfy chairs and floor mats, as well as a children’s library and board games. We love science, which means we have various science equipment including bug nets, bug boxes, magnifying glasses, a microscope, and encyclopedias for reference. We have a camp museum with our collection of rocks, bones, feathers, and other interesting finds that the campers are continually adding to. We also take care of two goldfish in our Camp aquarium.


We are proud of the variety of creative activities that we have at Camp. A summer at Camp Big Sky is never dull and will have your child asking for more!

The Yurt has all kinds of fun games and activities. We have our very own sandbox, a magnet table, Lego collection, arts & crafts, board games, and a paved area for bicycle & scooter riding. The Yurt is situated in the Big Sky Community Park which means we have access to all of the wonderful park facilities. The park has a playground, basketball court, volleyball court, skate park, climbing boulders, soccer fields, baseball fields, and fishing pond. There is a nearby creek with a walking trail for experiencing nature and viewing wildlife. A short distance from the park are the tennis courts, Big Sky Resort Golf Course, and Historic Crail Ranch.

Special Guests

We also have special guests who are professional artists, educators, and naturalists that share their specialties through fun activities. Last year we had special guest activities that included archery with Jack Creek Preserve, river science with Gallatin River Task Force, geo-caching, Bear Aware with US Forest Service, art parties, goat wrangling with a local rancher family, and Montana history lessons with Crail Ranch. We will have a calendar of scheduled Special Guests posted, but they are subject to change without notice.