Camp Big Sky Adventurers

Camp Big Sky Adventurers


What: The Adventurer camps are four half-days, spanning one week, for our older campers. These are theme-based programs that will culminate in the creation and development of some type of product or skill set. Each week we will offer a different Adventurer camp for you to explore. See below for our schedule of Adventurer camps.

Who: Children entering 4th – 6th Grade*
*(7th – 8th Grade are welcome, but will have leadership roles).

When: Camp runs June 11 – August 24, 2018. These camps are four, consecutive half-days over the course of one week, Monday-Thursday, from 8:30am – 12:30pm (with a lunch break included). An optional afternoon add-on is offered for those looking for an entire day’s worth of activities. The afternoon add-on is simply joining the Classic camp for the afternoon.

Where: We are located in the Yurts at the Big Sky Community Park.

Lunch: This summer, catered camp lunches are an optional benefit at no extra charge. Lunches include a deli sandwich and a side (e.g. a piece of fruit or chips). Please indicate whether you would like the optional catered lunch upon registration. We will also provide healthy snacks every day as well.

Cost: You have the option of just the half-day Adventurer camp ending at 12:30pm. Or you can stay all day for an extra $10 charge per day. The first half of the day will be the Adventurer camp, and the second half of the day is simply joining the Classic camp for the afternoon.
Four Half-days, Local $130
Four Half-days, Visitor $180

Each Afternoon Add-on is an additional $10

Summer 2018 Schedule of Adventurer Camps

June 13-14, Golf Intensive: Spend two days with Big Sky Resort’s favorite golf pro, Tom Conway. Practice your shots and elevate your game while we play holes on the Big Sky Resort golf course.

June 18-21, Build It!: Campers will learn the basics of a variety of crafting and construction. By the end of the week, campers will have learned safe and proper techniques in woodworking, sewing and weaving among others. They will work on a variety of projects, with at least one masterpiece to take home!

June 25-28, Go-kart Camp: Campers will work as teams to build pedal-powered go-karts big enough for five kids to ride at once! Each team will be tasked with building and decorating their cart leading up to the big race!

July 9-12, Fly Fishing: The Hooked on the Gallatin: Youth Fly Fishing Camp will inspire a lifelong passion for fly fishing and river conservation. Local fly guides will teach essential fly fishing skills including knot tying, fly tying, casting, reading the water, fish handling etiquette, and fishing safety. Gallatin River Task Force staff will emphasize river conservation by leading activities focused on etymology, native fish species, catch & release principles, aquatic invasive species, and trout habitat. Some campers will need to purchase a fishing license for this camp.

July 16-19, Get Outside: Summer in Montana is a great time to get out an explore, and Camp Get Outside will  help campers build their outdoor recreation skills. We will learn to prepare for a safe and fun outdoor adventure. With games, activities and practice, campers will build an excellent campsite, learn trail etiquette and what to do in case of emergency. We will not have an overnight ourselves, but when your camper is done with this Camp Get Outside, they will be ready to take the family on a camping trip!

July 23-26, Engineering Trebuchets: Campers will learn the science and engineering involved in the construction of siege-machines. With the help of an instructor, we will build a real-life trebuchet and perform various experiments to test the catapulting power of our creation.

July 30-Aug 2, Orienteering: Campers will learn map & compass skills, first at the Community Park’s practice orienteering course (coming soon!). Once the basics are mastered, we will be able to apply our knowledge to off-trail, wilderness venues.

Aug 6-9, Film Academy: Campers will team up as a whole to create a group movie! They will learn the basic facets of production including camera operation, film techniques, script writing, and post-production aspects like editing and exporting video. With plenty of in-front of the camera and behind-the-scenes roles, there’s no shortage of fun!

Aug 13-16, Wilderness Skills: Ready to take your outdoor skills to the next level? Wilderness Skills Camp ups the game by building  a shelter out of nothing but what is around you, creating fire from sticks and string, or finding out which wild plants are edible. Wilderness Skills Camp teaches campers skills from a primitive time, but take advanced capability.

Aug 20-23, Robotics: Campers will learn about basic electronic components and will be tasked with open-ended robotics projects. Challenges include building a robot that draws curvy lines, make a robot that can scramble an egg, or build a vehicle with a suspension system.