We're turning a resort into a community.
A space for everyone.

We are working on a centrally-located community center and parkland in the Big Sky Town Center.

This future multi-use, flexible space will evolve as the whole of the community evolves; its design and offerings will reflect the values and beauty of Big Sky with a strong connection to the surrounding natural world. Without community spaces—where people can gather together, recreate, and learn — it’s difficult for a healthy community to exist.


A centrally-located community center and parkland in the Big Sky Town Center.

The “wild wild west” of ungoverned Big Sky gives residents a deep sense of freedom, yet it also calls us to act. If development continues as zoned, our meadow may disappear into a mass of high-end condos, shops, and restaurants. But Big Sky Community Organization (BSCO) envisions a future Big Sky which will always feel like home–with community spaces, parklands, trail systems, and recreation opportunities which serve everyone. With careful planning, we can ensure access to community spaces and amenities keeps pace with development.


A community center for the whole of the Big Sky.

This future multi-use, flexible space will evolve as the whole of the community evolves; its design and offerings will reflect the values and beauty of Big Sky with a strong connection to the surrounding natural world. The community center’s participating organizations and its facilities will provide local access to art, culture, and environmental education, while supporting physically and mentally healthy lifestyles. 


Forging the path forward to a Big Sky that always feels like home.

Learning from past success, the BSCO has recognized our community’s existing gap in services and amenities. We’ve convened a volunteer advisory committee of engaged community leaders, and we’re spearheading the planning, design, and construction of this much-needed civic center. BSCO is working towards creating:

  • Recreational areas to house and facilitate a variety of indoor and outdoor sports, and art programs, affordable for all income and ability levels.
  • Common spaces, meeting rooms, and office spaces which will house nonprofits and community resources.
  • Community spaces available for organizations, and the general public, to help them meet their mission.
  • A year-round environment, inclusive of positive behavior role models, and substance-free for all ages.



Let’s keep Big Sky special into perpetuity.

We’re in this together, and we need your help.

If we don’t take action now, there won’t be land available to create these spaces in the future.

As Big Sky continues to grow, the preservation of shared open spaces and creation of community oriented recreation facilities will ensure that no child or adult is left without a sense of community and the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle. Your financial gift allows for the construction of this beautiful, multi-use space—a space to benefit all of us. Community thrives when it invests in the social, emotional and physical health of the people who live there.

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A Space for Everyone.
The community center will include:
  • Multi-use Recreational Areas
  • Community Learning & Fitness Rooms
  • Arts & Cultural Center
  • Environment Discovery Center
  • Music Pavilion
  • Refrigerated Ice Rink
  • 43% Increase in Parkland with Trail Access 
  • Provide an indoor place for youth recreation programs and out-of-school programs while parents are working.

  • Provide a place accessible for individuals and families of all income levels and ethnicity to spend time together, participate in programs, and recreate indoors year-round.

  • Provide a gathering place for parents and young children, who are not yet old enough for the school.

  • Provide a safe and positive environment for our teens and young adults to spend time together participating in scheduled activities, skills programs, or indoor and outdoor activities, surrounded by friends and mentors.

  • Address prevalent behavioral and mental health issues including substance abuse and suicide/depression prevention through the creation of an empowering support network of on-grounds staff and community-wide resources.

  • Provide common community space which will house a variety of community resources, in addition to opportunities to participate in health and wellness activities, regardless of age or income level.

Founders and Committee Members:
Founder’s Circle:
  • Dr. Patricia Gordon with the Len Hill Charitable Trust
  • Matt & Heather Morris
  • Rich and Barbara Barnhart
  • Sam and Tracey Byrne
  • Mark & Catherine Cone
  • Patrick & Techy Doyle
  • Bob & Joanie Hall
  • David & Bonnie Hough
  • Joelle Kayden
  • Tony & Sage Minella
  • Mark & Jenny Mummert
  • Josh & Laurie Olshansky
  • George & Julie Peinado
  • Robert & Dana Smith
  • Steve & Sascha Taylor
Fundraising Committee:
  • Charlie Callander
  • Mark Cone, BSCO Board Member
  • Bob Hall
  • Britt Ide
  • Tallie Lancey, BSCO Board member
  • Matt Morris
  • Steve Taylor, BSCO Board member
  • Ciara Wolfe, BSCO Executive Director
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BSCO Public Trails

BSCO manages 23+ miles of trails that are all multi-use and multi-directional.

Info & Maps:

Multi-Seasonal Use

The majority of BSCO trails are open year-round, barring any temporary seasonal hazard closures.

= Groomed or plowed during the winter.Note: Ungroomed / plowed trails are still open & get packed down by use.

BSCO Projects

We are always looking at opportunities to increase parklands and open spaces while further developing public recreation amenities.

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